hELLO, I'm Arina Ossipova

My journey began when I moved from Kazakhstan to Los Angeles in 2014.

Helping People Walk Their Best Lives

I love my work in Los Angeles. I get to meet people from all walks of life, and I get to help them to live their best lives by taking care of their feet. I am also grateful for the opportunity to learn from other talented foot care specialists in the city. I am committed to providing my clients with the best possible care and helping them to achieve their best foot health.

Following My Heart to Foot Care

since 2016
Expirience in the industry
$50 000+
Education investment
10 000+
Satisfied clients

nail and pedicure studio, right in the heart of Los Angeles!

skin repair, and accelerated recovery
Say goodbye bumps and chips
No more files or foot baths!
Say hello to soft, smooth feet.
Banish ingrown toenails forever.
Enjoy strong, healthy nails.

meet Arina and Elena: Your Beauty Masters

Elena: Healthy Nails, Long-Lasting Results

Skilled and experienced nail technician specializing in E-file manicures and pedicures, committed to providing an exceptional client experience.

Arina: Beautiful, Healthy Feet, Guaranteed

Specializes in solving complex foot problems by mastering the E-file pedicure technique. With a wealth of experience, she is your best expert in solving various foot problems.

Arina E-File Pedicures  Care Expert

  • California licenced
  • Since 2016

Elena E-File Manicures & Pedicures Care Expert

  • California licenced
  • Since 2021
2 hours of meter parking for just $2.